Mexican Strawberries

Young Strawberries
Young Strawberries

At fifteen dollars a kilo, I could not pass up these strawberries for sale on the side of the road at Freemans Waterhole spotted on the drive back to Sydney from the Hunter Valley.  I had purchased them on the last trip, but had opted for the cheaper half kilo for $10.  For an extra $5, the bag was brimming with these succulent morsels and a wise purchase.

I already knew what I wanted to do with them when I got home.  They were going to be marinated in Balsamic, brown sugar and cracked black pepper.  My last minute addition/afterthought is a splash of Kahlua and spinkle of chilli flakes into the marinade for good measure.

An hour at room temperature is enough time.  Then, spoon into bowls with vanilla ice-cream and crumble some wafer thin Lindt white and dark chocolate wafers over.  If there is any left over marinade, spoon over everything as the balsamic and brown sugar have now formed a lovely syrup.

Mexican Strawberries
Mexican Strawberries


2 to 3 cups strawberries, cut into wedges

2 tbsp Balsamic Vinegar

1 tbsp brown sugar

1/2 teasoon cracked black pepper

Chilli flakes

Dash of Kahlua or Vodka (or both)

Greek Yoghurt

Vanilla Ice-Cream to serve

Chocolate, any favourite variety, grated.


Marinate strawberries in all ingredients in a bowl at room temperature for at least one hour.

Serve with Ice-Cream, yoghurt, chocolate and pour over any left over marinade syrup.


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