Clare O’Meara

Silver spoons and treble clefs

Good music and good food made with love equals good times. Music and food are a match made in heaven and even though they may seem like two far apart worlds, they are closer than you think and feed us in different ways. A song can be composed with a verse, chorus and ending just like a recipe can be created with ingredients, method, preparation and end result dish. In both cases, if they are made with love you can be transported instantly to a higher world via the senses.  Being passionate is the only key. It’s easy to taste a meal that has not been made with love, the same as being able to detect music not being played from the heart. We exist in a world where sometimes we will experience this fact of life. However when the food and music together are excellently and lovingly prepared, the experiences can be remembered and cherished forever.

Growing up in Sydney my sole ambition was to play music professionally and travel.  Now this is what I do and consider myself extremely fortunate to be making a living this way.  Being a multi-instrumentalist playing violin, piano, accordion, mandolin, guitar and also a being a vocalist has enabled me to move around in more than one musical circle and several genres.  I have met with, listened to, learned from, hung out with, rehearsed with, shared meals with, travelled with and performed with a vast amount of very different and talented musicians after nearly thirty years in the business where I have gone far and wide on the planet for festivals, shows, recordings and countless impromptu jam sessions.  So far it’s been a great ride.

In more recent times have discovered during these travels is that the really great musicians/artists, not only being passionate about their chosen instrument they are usually undeniably passionate about food and cooking also. You can ask any musician who their biggest musical influence is and where they draw upon for inspiration and you’d get more than one answer. You can also ask them if they like to cook and more often than not a response to this question is met with immediate enthusiasm and delight at what sort of recipes and dishes most inspire and excite them. It makes no difference which world of music they originate from; Jazz, Folk, Country, Rock, Pop, Rap, Funk and Classical – their passion for music is tantamount to their passion for good food.

These pages will be featuring the musicians I have met on the road along with something special from their cooking repertoire, plus a favourite restaurant suggestion from their international region and respective food travelling experiences. Hope you enjoy and happy cooking 🙂

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